How Actors Can Secure the Agent and Industry Connections They Need to Build a Viable Long-term Career

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Why your acting skills and talent are not enough to ensure success

The number one reason why good actors fail to get enough paid work and eventually give up on their acting career

How to find the right agent and make them want you more than you want them

Why having a good agent is never enough and why you need to manage your own career (rather than hire a manager) in order to achieve the success you desire


In The Acting Insiders program, talent agent, educator, actor and director Mark Matthews tackles the tough challenges actors face in starting, building and maintaining viable careers in a highly competitive industry. His advice and guidance is based on more than 25 years of professional acting, directing, teaching and managing talent through his agency Sydney Creative Management – and from his 14 years of guiding acting students at Sydney Theatre School in their transitions to working, professional actors.

The Acting Insiders program teaches members how to navigate through and prosper in a continually evolving industry. Whether you’re new to the business or in need of a professional career boost, Mark’s guidance will empower participants with a new perspective on how to create, plan and build on a strategic, life-long journey that will earn the kind of opportunities on which careers are built.

The program includes an 8 week online course that guides members through the critical process of creating a career action plan designed to motivate, focus and empower actors in their professional journey.

It also includes weekly online Q&A calls with Mark and exclusive access to the Acting Insiders private Facebook group where members can support and help each other on the path to success.


8 Week Online Training Program

Topics covered include: Planning and goal setting; Developing a business mindset; Crafting and improving your product; agents, casting directors and building relationships with key industry players; Branding and positioning; Marketing and selling; Professional practice and serving your customer; Management and finances; Motivation and persistence.

Weekly Group Q & A Webinars

Program participants have access to Mark's inside knowledge and expertise as a talent agent; director, teacher and actor built over the last 30 years. Ask him anything and get the inside knowledge others can only dream of gaining on their own.

Exclusive Facebook Group Membership

The private Facebook group is a supportive and positive platform in which to share success stories, ask questions and gain feedback on every aspect of your career. Mark will be monitoring and contributing regularly so you will always have access to the support you need to advance your career.


Here's What You Will Learn:

  • How to build relationships with key industry players
  • Do's and don'ts when contacting and communicating with agents and casting directors
  • How to be a good client and business partner with your agent
  • How to identify your type and personal brand
  • Pitfalls to avoid including gurus and rip offs
  • Marketing and networking tips and guidance
  • Why you need to be the CEO of your acting business and not rely on others to get you opportunities
  • Developing the mindset required to make an impact and establish yourself as an 'insider' in the business
  • A whole host of other vital information in over 8 hours of video content!


MARK MATTHEWS B.A. (Theatre) Dip. Ed. M.A. (Directing)

Mark Matthews is an actor, talent agent & acting school owner from Sydney, Australia who has more than 25 years of professional experience in the theatre, film and television industries. He is also a qualified teacher and consultant who helps actors fast-track their career through training in business skills and online marketing. Mark personally started and built his own acting school - Sydney Theatre School - and talent agency - Sydney Creative Management - which have turned over more than $7 million AUD since their inception. Mark's students and agency clients are some of the best actors in Australia and he has helped them gain a solid start in their respective careers. He is now sharing his knowledge with actors around the globe through online training and consulting.




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8 Week Online Training Course

Weekly Q & A Webinar

Private Facebook Group Access


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